Thursday, March 24, 2011

Take your learning to Stage 3!

Just thinking how Life and learning are an adventure. In 1984 Colin Mortlock authored a a book called 'The Adventure Alternative' in brief he said:

Stage 1: Play: Characterized by little emotion through relatively easy participation in activities which are below the person's skill level

Stage 2: Adventure: (Characterized by enjoyment and excitement, where a person's is using his her capabilities more fully, but the person maintains control over the situation and his/her self

Stage 3: Frontier Adventure: Characterized by peak experience, which emerges from a person experiencing adventurous challenges very close to his/her limits. If the person succeeds, then generally a peak experience is had, but there is real risk of pushing too far and falling/failing, leading to Stage 4.

Stage 4: Misadventure: Characterized by a person choosing or being forced to participate in challenges beyond his/her capabilities, resulting in negative emotions (fear, hurt, etc.), possibly injury and even ultimately death.

Mortlock, C. (1984). The Adventure Alternative. Cicerone Press: Cumbria, UK.