Saturday, March 26, 2011

HL and SL Paper 2 2011

This year Paper 2 will be electronically marked. This means that the format of the answer box will be a little bit different. Here's a summary of the changes from the IBIS website:

 A box around the space where candidates must write their answers. This is so that the scanner can locate candidates’ responses.
 Orientation marks in the four corners of every page. These help the scanner to align the page image correctly.
 A shaded spine section. These give guidance as to where the completed script will be guillotined prior to scanning, and also deter candidates from writing in this area.
 A dashed grid where candidates are required to draw, or add to a graph. This will enable the scanner to easily pick up lines drawn by the candidate on grid lines or axes.

If candidates are unable to complete their answer in the box given, they should continue their answer on supplementary examination stationery and indicate that they have done this within the box.

Ask your teacher to go through the example which has been provided by the board.