Monday, May 26, 2014

Click4Biology has Closed Down

After ten years and  the 2009 syllabus revision I have decided that such are the changes in the new syllabus that this site no longer meet the needs of student to be examined in 2016. To that end I will not be renewing the subscription to the IP and will not be revising the site.

1.6 Million + individual hits and 3.5 pages views, not bad. But now I'm moving onto new projects and will let others take up the cause of challenging the textbooks. You'll have a hard time, I think the new books are pretty good. Future success with the syllabus though will rest with those teachers who engage with the essential ideas, Nature of Science, application and skills. All these are the methods that will create the connection necessary for student to develop Understandings.

It's still cool to achieve

John Burrell