Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The New Syllabus

Colleagues around the world are asking if Click4Biology will be updated to meet the demands of the new syllabus to be first examined in 2016 (teaching begins in 2014). The answer is a simple YES.

At this stage colleagues who co-author pages on C4B are absorbing the implications of the new syllabus and will be undertaking training on the SSS in the coming months.

The plan at the moment is for the following:

1. The old syllabus material will remain online until the last examination for this syllabus.
2. A new site will appear for first teaching in August 2014.
3. A Spanish language translation will be created as a mirror site.

Rest assured that some top teachers are going to contribute to these pages and will no doubt improve on my previous attempts. The exact format at the moment is unclear particularly how to address the more open 'Understandings' rather than reductionist command terms of the current syllabus. I will make sure that a more thorough job is made of the proof reading.

Exciting times and a little bit daunting

If you have suggestions then please email them to click4biology@gmail.com we do welcome positive feedback and suggestions.

John Burrell