Sunday, April 07, 2013

Exam Techniques

If you are preparing for the examination this May here's a last couple of pointers:
1. Identify the command term, which tells you what to do in your answer (Syllabus Guide Pg 11)
2. 1 mark = 1 idea, 2 marks= 2 ideas, etc
3. P1 The first one or two questions will be on stats (I think ) go to past papers since 2009 to see examples.

4. P2 during reading time select your essay and then once you can write immediately produce the essay plan. Now go to the Databased Question and as you work you will be able to add new essay ideas to your plan.

5. P3. Answer only on the Options you have been taught, it never seems to work going to untaught option questions. And you need to answer all part of the option questions.

Its Cool to achieve