Sunday, October 07, 2012

Option G and IA

Option G Ecology and Conservation:
I am delighted to be able to announce the addition of Option G Ecology and Conservation. This Option has been written by an expert in the area of Ecology and Fieldwork, my colleague Adrian Palmer of Bangkok Patana School. The material should be up online in the week beginning 8th of October and will be a valuable addition to Click4Biology.During this week there may be times when certain pages cannot be accessed as the new additions are made. Please be patient I will complete all the links and pages ASAP. At this time we have no plans for other options.
Internally Assessed Coursework (IA):
Notice also that on the tabs above there are some new support materials for practical work.There are three documents at the moment with plans for more. They include:
1. Student Framework for IA, which is a guide to the structure and content of the IA  write ups for assessment.
2. Marking Rubric which students can use as a tick list making sure you have completed all the necessary sections of the IA write-up.
3. Teachers Guide. This is an extended commentary on the marking grid

Warning: In the first instance students should always follow the guidance of their own teachers. These documents are just an opinion and I offer no guarantee that they are accurate. To be clear these documents are not official and just my opinion. They are however based on many years of submitting IA for moderation and also by responding to the feedback from examinations. Students MUST listen to their own teachers advice. Teacher must follow the guidelines of the IBO.