Sunday, September 09, 2012

Welcome to Click4Biology

Dear Visitor

This year should see us hit the 1,000,000 visits (1 x 10 6) thanks to you.
Welcome to these resource which are provided to you free of charge and without all those annoying adverts. This site is maintained by me and paid for by me out of my own pocket. So I would be so grateful if you choose to use the click4biology resources that you give an appropriate citation. Teachers make powerpoints, student make notes and write blogs, I understand that but it only takes but a moment to place an appropriate citation. It's kind of consistent with the IB learner profile, 'Principled'. Many of the resources used here are owned by Biology teachers past and present, it's on their shoulders we all stand.

Let's be more positive. Every year I hear student say to each other, "there's a lot to remember in Biology". All learning involves memory but for your learning to be effective all that reading (memory work) needs to be encoded in more active, proactive learning strategies. What do I mean? After you have learned a topic make sure that you test yourself with past paper essay questions, multiple choice questions and short answer P2 questions. Its amazing how doing this embeds the learning and requires less of the so called 'memory work'.

Good luck

J Burrell