Friday, February 25, 2011

Preparing for the final examination.

I'm guessing your getting to the end of the syllabus and you have completed your IA/ PSOW.

Now you can turn your mind to preparing for the examination.

Preparing for Paper 1:

You can get copies of examination papers going all the way back. I use those going back to 2000 with my students but you need to be aware of the syllabus changes in that time. for some of the questions the topic is no longer covered in the IB Biology syllabus. You also should make sure that the papers come from a legitimate source such as the IBO.

Complete as many papers as possible with a combination of the following strategies.

a) Complete all the questions and have it marked (you teachers will have mark schemes) and the go over the questions that are wrong. As you do this go back to your notes and the relevant section of the syllabus to make sure you understand the correct answer.

b) 'Open Book' style using your notes, textbook and this site find the answer to the questions and be 100% sure of your answer. Aim is 40/40 or 30/30

Most of my students will complete 15-20 papers. That's something like 800 MCQ. This way you will learn the style and pattern of the MCQ and Paper 1.

Oh and don't forget you cannot use a calculator for this paper.

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