Wednesday, February 02, 2011

How to revise using Click4Biology

UPDATE: Had an essay writing company post comments here, they're not welcome, I do not support them and think they are a disgrace. As Honourable IB students I know you will never resort to this slippery slope.

Here's the revision cycle used by my own students in their private revision:

Step 1:

Using the current syllabus identify the syllabus statement you are going to revise. e.g. 3.1.1

3.1.1State that the most frequently occurring chemical elements in living things are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.

Step 2:

Identify the 'Command term' and its meaning.

State means to give a specific name, value or other brief answer without explanation or calculation.

Ok, now we know what we have to to to complete this syllabus statement.

Step 3:

Watch the relevant Click4Biology video on:

This resource has videos for two different courses. The IB videos are on playlists with the topic name e.g. Topic 3 Biochem. (The other ones are for iGCSE course and are good basic revision for you).

Step 4:  

Make summary notes on the video using Flash Cards.

Step 5:

Go to the relevant click4biology sections:

Check your summary and add more if necessary.

Step 6: Test yourself with past paper questions from your teacher. We cannot provide this material as it is subject to copyright of the IBO.

Should take about 5-15 minutes per syllabus statement.

You should be revising now for the final examinations in May, good luck and thanks for supporting Click4Biology.

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