Thursday, November 04, 2010

Study with purpose

How do I revise Biology?

1. Get a copy of the IB Biology syllabus.
2. Revise using the syllabus statements don't just read without purpose. You need short term specific goals.

3. Here's an example:    2.1.1 Outline the cell theory

4. Focus on the Command Term,  'Outline' this is the instruction what to do in your revision.

5. Page 11 of the syllabus the Command terms. Outline means to give a brief account or summary.

6. So to complete this syllabus statement you only need the key issues without vast amounts of detail. There's no point in reading huge amounts of literature on cell Theory, here we are revising for an exam! We are 'goal orientated'.

7. Now a key point to realise is that the exam questions will also be limited to the command term for that syllabus statement. Don't expect a question that says explain Cell Theory, that's beyond the remit of the syllabus. When this does happen teachers complain to the exam board.

8. In this way you can make sure that you are clearly addressing the syllabus requirements. Ticking off the syllabus statements as you revise is a great way to chart progress and keep tabs on what needs to be done.