Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shall I compare thee to a Sequoia

Topic 9: Plants A big picture question.

Compare and contrast the structure of a 40 story building with that of a 400ft coastal redwood....add to comments and I will add to the list

Ok I'll go first:

1. The trees do not expend energy getting water to 400ft but buildings expend considerable energy doing so.  1-0 trees. (me)

2.The oldest Sequoia is 3,500 years old (Based on the ring counts), whereas 40 story building have probably been around for less than 100 years. (from CHWO) Thanks you I make that 2-0 to the trees

3. Both trees and buildings have foundations - roots for trees, and steel for buildings. However, trees can continue growing and strengthening their foundations throughout their entire (from Lene). I like this one. OK trees 3-0 by my score