Friday, November 19, 2010

Beware Paradigmians bearing gifts

Beware of education reformist advocating wholesale reorganisation of our school curriculum.

Their evangelical message is seductive.

 Their message is that you (the school) are killing creativity(and teachers are applauding)!

Their message is that in a Google World we no longer need content.

They are wrong!

Without content you have no context.

Mastering the content and becoming an expert in the signature disciplines allows one to find context.

The Google World simply provides a tool which allows greater access to the content and so to your best synthesis.

As Gardner has then explained it is at this point, with contextual knowledge and conceptual understanding that Creative thinking can occur.

Creativity is not thinking outside the box, its thinking on the outer edges of the box, where innovation has context and value.

Those who advocate ditching the content are advocating innovation without context, chaos.