Friday, October 29, 2010

Thinking outside the sphere!

Thinking outside the sphere.

Sphere just doesn't sound as good as 'box'. The metaphorical box allows us to conceptualise the sum of human understanding. The box as a well known container fits the bill nicely.

But it can't be a box. I was thinking that an ideal model of human understanding would be a sphere. The sphere would symbolise a balanced understanding of the human condition and existence.

Take it a stage further and the new metaphor takes on the appearance of a lumpy sphere. Perhaps there are lengthy pseudopodia representing technological advances. The representation suggesting that not everyone is connected to the concept.

To think beyond the sphere or box is to be unconnected, lacking value. Even 'standing on the shoulders of giants' retains the connection to the sphere of human understanding. Who knows what lies beyond the sphere.

Box is nice, box is comfortable, it allows us to work in new conceptual spaces but I feel still feel the sphere needs to have its day.