Sunday, October 31, 2010

Textbook disgrace

I've just skim read another new Biology textbook. What disgrace, although re-titled to 'address the new syllabus' the book is in fact a repackaging of the previous edition.

The structure and presentation is the same systematic plodding through the structure and function facts that can be found in any textbook. More to the point the information can be found for free on the Internet where it can be kept more up to date. Where the going gets tough in the syllabus requiring higher order thinking the author devolves responsibility to some web links.

Here's the thing. The lower order thinking, facts can be gained from thousands of websites for free. These authors singularly fail to address the higher order thinking by just pointing to sources but providing no skill instructions how to go about evaluating these sources or creating a new synthesis.

Schools and teachers need to stop supporting these charlatans, link the kids to the good web sites and introduce them to great science writing.